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Our whole bee enterprise of collecting honey and producing wax for our candles is totally chemical free.  If you keep the bees healthy, you don't need to use antibiotics ...
Therefore, our candles are made from just pure beeswax, with nothing added except the cotton wick.
Pure beeswax candles, when burning, give a pleasant aroma in the room, and a soft light, but more than that, they can befefit people with breathing difficulties.  An American entomologist has found that pure beeswax produces negative ions that help rid the air of pollutants.  This is where asthmatics may gain health advantages.

But ... only a candles that is 100% pure beeswax will have that effect - remember candles only have to contain 51% beeswax to be labled as a beeswax candles.  The other 49% could be paraffin wax, a by-product of the petrochemical industry, which gives positive ions.

Pure beeswax candles also burn up to 4 times longer than other candles, so why not float some at your next dinner party, or light a candle this evening?

Candles can also be made to order.  Postage is in addition to the candle prices - please contact us to find out how much it will be to send to you.